Customer Appreciation Day!

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Customer Appreication Day Quilts

Customer Appreciation Day Quilts

What is so special about our customer appreciation party on December 3rd? As in the past, we are giving away a beautiful quilt to four of our lucky customers. One of the tops is a Christmas Tabletopper with a Santa theme in an octagonal shape. We have two smaller quilts (twin size) and a queen size quilt (all approximate, of course).

It may be chilly, but warm inside. Our doors will open at 9:30 for our final Marti & Me session. We’ll be serving hot coffee/tea and cider to keep you warm. Doors will open at 10:30 and your number will be your ticket for your free gift. At 12:10, we’ll start drawing for a quilt top every 5 minutes. You must be present to win!

You’re Invited!

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Our Janome Grand Opening continues this week. I would like to invite you to join us to view the exceptional Janome sewing machines, sergers with special grand opening offers. If you are looking for a new sewing machine this Christmas whether a light-weight classroom model or a new embroidery machine, do check out Janome. I am delighted to hear how much Janome owners love their machines! Looking forward to 2012 –watch for Janome Owners Club, Janome Embroidery Club and Janome Owner classes.

Saturday, December 3rd — Our customer appreciation day starts at
10:30-12:30. We have a special Christmas gift for the 50 guests. We’ll
have Holiday refreshments, demos and four quilts will be given away. No
purchase is necessary …. just arrive and enter. You must be present to win!

Jungle Walk

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We enjoy it so much when we hear from our quilters. Last year we offered Jungle Walk as a block of the month program and Janet Henry was so kind to let us know how much she enjoyed making hers. Below is a photo of Janet’s quilt which she chose to finish in pink for her granddaugher:

“Here is my Jungle Walk.   I did the buttonhole stitch by hand, as my machine does not do a very good one, especially on small pieces.   I chuckled the whole way through working on this, it was soooo much fun.  My granddaughter was thrilled and immediately wrapped herself in it (she’s 2).  

Thank you for offering this project.


Jungle Walk Block of the Month

Jungle Walk

More Thoughts about Fall Quilt Market

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I am happy to have returned from Market safely and am ready for Thanksgiving. This holiday, we will share our day with all five of our children and three grandchildren. I love family times having grown up with two brothers and two sisters and a large extended family.

Before more time goes by I want to share a few more thoughts about Market:

Be inspired, feel color, create, and explore design. In times of uncertainty, some of the most exciting changes are made because people want to feel better about their circumstances so crafting is explored in many forms. Young Designers are promoting sewing.
International Quilt Market Houston

• Light backgrounds — whites are calming and in a time of uncertainty, we gravitate to colors with more white with contrast in white based colors rather than muddy colors.
• The French influence — Moda’s French General’s new group and RJR’s Marianne Elizabeth’s Jasmine are just two fabric collections sharing the French inspiration that was also seen in the pre-market release of Renee Nanneman’s “Rose Maison” from Andover.
• Young designers — The Free Spirit booth was alive with young designers. Each of their booth’s expressed simple lines, bags, home dec and expressing oneself with sewing. Ty Pennington for Westminster and Anna Griffin are ones to watch. Anna Griffin has released her first independent fabric lines and won th
• Sewing — crafting and scrapbooking have influenced the younger women. Now, a trend may be to make a simple item for oneself or a child. I loved the Art Gallery booth supporting this trend.
• Historical — whether it is American Revolution or Civil War, the interest in historical fabric and quilt projects remains strong.

Fall Quilt Market in Houston

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Hello from the International Quilt Market in Houston!

Art Gallery Fabric

Art Gallery Fabric Boho Tunic

I have been attending the Fall Quilt Market in Houston and have been energized and inspired not only by the many  new traditional quilting projects, fabrics and ideas but also by a number new designers with sewing clothing or home dec projects.   Two displays that I found illustrated these were Art Gallery Fabrics and Nancy Halvorsen’s new book, “Count On It”.

 As shown in the photo at left, Art Gallery Fabrics showed a simple, easy sewing  project called the Boho Tunic. I began as a sewer; quilting has only been part of my world for about 12 years.  The Boho Tunic encourages me to help those who want to learn to sew and make a simple, summer tunic out of fabrics they love.   The opportunity to offer some beginner learn to sew classes with simple fabric construction would be very exciting.  Pat Bravo, Designer/Owner of Art Gallery Fabrics has released a CD with both paper pattern and video instruction. As was shown in their booth video instructions can allow new sewers to watch and learn with these projects in the comfort of home.

Projects from the New Book, "Count On It"

Projects from the new book, "Count On It"

Nancy Halvorsen’s new fabric group, Forever Spring  from Benartex and her display featured the decorative monthly panel projects from her  new book “ Count On It” that features simple projects based on celebrating special dates.  Button embellishments add a happy touch to the projects that make a banner, count days of the month or give a welcome to a special party with a pot stake banner. I thought these were all so sweet and charming and would add warmth in any home.